Service Recordings

If you missed church last Sunday, want to share the service with a friend, or just want to watch the service again, you have come to the right place. Every Sunday morning we record the service and a few days later the recording is available through this website. See below for the list, including all services from the past three months.

The scripture readings are all here too. Not only can you listen but when you click on the title of the scripture reading you will be taken to the appropriate page in an online Bible.

For privacy reasons, our service recordings do not always include all of the music from the services. Join us live on Sunday mornings to hear all of the music.

You can also find our service recordings on our church Facebook page.

Sermon: Far More than Meets the Eye – Antonio Siracusa
Sermon: What is love? – Rev. Maryka Potgieter
Sermon: Children of God – Rev. Dr. Bong Chan Paul Ko
Sermon: Footprints at the Door – Rev. Wes Denyer
Sermon: Jesus the Restorer – Heonah Do
Sermon: The Reality Test – Antonio Siracusa
Sermon: The Great Commission – Rev. Wes Denyer
Sermon: Shepherds and Strangers – Rev. Wes Denyer
Sermon: The Stuff of Life – Rev. Wes Denyer
Sermon: Rev. Don Muir