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Theological students from Knox College conducted a survey of the area known as Leaside and held services of worship in the Family Theatre on Bayview Avenue, and later in Bessborough School.


The Rev. Dr. J. Charles Hay: inducted March 20, 1946, resigned June 10, 1955

The Rev. Doug G. Seaton: inducted March 2, 1956, resigned September 15, 1966

The Rev. J.D.C. Jack: inducted March 29, 1967, retired April 30, 1986

The Rev. Dr. George C. Vais: inducted September 13, 1987, retired  Sept 1, 1998

The Rev. Dr. Nick Athanasiadis: inducted Sept 21, 1999, resigned, Sept 30, 2018

The Rev. Angela J. Cluney: inducted Sept 25, 2005, resigned October 31, 2018

The Rev. Bill Elliott: inducted July 1998, retired October 2015

The Rev Paul Kang: interim December 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2020

The Rev Alexander Wilson: inducted March 7, 2021 resigned May 31, 2023


October 28, 1942 – a general meeting was held at Bethel Baptist Church under the chairmanship of the Rev. W.T. McCrae of Glebe Presbyterian Church at which time it was decided to establish a mission at Leaside under the guidance of Glebe Church Session.

November 1, 1942 – a Communion Roll was established consisting of 22 persons.

December 12, 1942 – a Church School was started by Mrs. Marjorie MacKay. Four lots were secured at the north-west corner of Eglinton Avenue and Hanna Road.

December 18, 1942 – the first Women’s Association was formed.

January 14, 1944 – the first annual congregational meeting was held at which time the purchase of the four lots of land was approved.  F.A. Willet, J.A. Gray and J. Fernie were elected Trustees.

May 26, 1944 – plans for a “basement meeting place” were formulated.

January 24, 1945 – first elders and Board members were elected.

March 20, 1945 – first Session meeting was held with the Rev. W.T. McCree interim moderator.

April 1, 1945 – the “basement meeting place” was completed.

April 27, 1945 – Mr. J.C. Hay was ordained.

January 23, 1946 – the congregation became self-supporting.

January 22, 1947 – extra land was purchased on Eglinton Avenue.

October 18, 1948 – first mortgage was paid.

September 20, 1950 – building plans were drawn by Bruce, Brown and Brisley which were presented to and approved by the congregation.

September 22, 1951  – the cornerstone was laid by the East Toronto Presbytery.  During construction, Sunday services of worship were held at Leaside High School.

June 8, 1952 – the present sanctuary was dedicated by the East Toronto Presbytery.

March 1956 – the present manse was purchased.

In 1960 – plans were approved for the present Christian Education wing.

March 19, 1961 – the sod turning ceremony for the Christian Education wing took place.

October 12, 1961 – the Christian Education wing was dedicated by the Presbytery of East Toronto.

October 15, 1961 – the chapel was dedicated.

March 21, 1961 – the mortgage on the manse was paid.

February 18, 1979 – the final mortgage was paid.

Late 70s, early 80s – Sponsored a Vietnamese Family

In 1987 – the congregation discussed and approved a renovation program.

April 18, 1993 – dedication of building becoming wheelchair accessible

September 26, 2004- re-dedication of Chapel and naming The Ben McLean Children’s Chapel

2014-15 -lift installed

January 2013 – Amalgamation with Glebe Presbyterian Church

2016 – Sponsored family from Syria

Statement of Affirmation

We believe that all people, including those of all sexual orientations, gender identities, family structures, races, ethnicities, spiritual perspectives, economic backgrounds, and abilities, are children of God.

We strive to continue learning how to show God’s love by welcoming and including all people, both at church and in the community.

June 2021 Raising of the Progress Pride Flag


Our church building includes the following accessibility features:

  • A parking lot on the west side of the building, which may also be used as a safe pick-up/drop-off location for TTC Wheel-Trans
  • An accessible entrance at the front of the building, with a ramp and automatic door opener
  • An electric lift, operated by ushers each Sunday, with access to the main floor, front entrance, and basement
  • Several pews that have space for wheelchairs and mobility devices to the side

We also offer large-print hymnals for the worship services.

For more information, please do not hesitate to phone the church office at (416) 422-0510.