Kathryn Bignell

About ten years ago (maybe less) I took a jewellery making class at a bead shop on Queen Street in Toronto and loved it. I am sort of like the sorcerer’s apprentice – I can’t quit and just keep making things. Of course, I can’t possibly wear all the jewellery I make and people would comment on the pieces I wore so I decided I would start selling. I only do small craft shows and sometimes have jewellery parties but I really enjoy the process. I love working with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. I also use wooden and ceramic pieces fashioned with leather or wire. A couple of years ago I discovered wet felt making and it opened up a whole new avenue to pursue. Wet felting is a process that uses warm soapy water applied to layers of wool. Lots of agitation eventually make the fibres fuse together to form a piece of felt. I felt jewellery, scarves and bags and love using bright colours alone or together. Felted jewellery can look heavy but is very light in weight. My hobbies have always included a creative aspect and jewellery and felt making are my passion.